Whether you want a simple one-page text layout and logo design or an intense e-commerce site, we can arrange any size web site design services package in order to meet your needs and your budget.

Persist Media’s net solutions has severed a broad range of industrial customers that have sought to expand their operations on to the new global economy platform.

Be it gaining access to live data within the enterprise for those critical decision making movements, creating a web system that works seamlessly with the rest of the business infrastructure, gathering market intelligence on-site visitors or returning customers to assess their needs and wants, increase productivity between personnel by enhancing collaboration and document sharing, or simply to replicate the live experience between the organization and customers in real-time interaction, Persist Media can make available the right solution that can lead to increased Return On Investment for the small and medium-size enterprise, on time and on budget. Areas where Persist Media can provide its Solutions & Services.

Manufacturing Automotive, Industrial Products, Technology Banking & Financial Services Services Sector Public Sector Government Agencies and NGOs Consumer Goods Manufacturing and Retail Education Sector Transportations & Logistics

Digital Marketing Training for Corporates

One of our main passions in Persist Media is persistence learning. Digital marketing concepts are evolving very fast, even daily, so, marketing experts need to stay updated. We are very delighted to play the role and train individuals and corporate teams with the Digital Marketing knowledge.

e-Marketing Services

E-marketing is marketing concepts that is applied and utilized through the Internet. The focus of E-marketing is applying your marketing mediums online rather than traditional methods. E-marketing has shown to save money, time and effort in reaching our target markets. E-marketing is faster, more efficient, more intelligent and more economical than any other marketing mechanism. Visit our Search Engine Submission Service

Web site review services

Is your site failing to convert visitors to buyers? If so, you’re not alone. Many site owners struggle with the question of why their site isn’t bringing in sales like they expected. You’ve probably wondered… Why aren’t visitors purchasing from me? How do I know if my site has those crucial ingredients that make visitors want to use my services? How can I compel more visitors to buy? If you’ve been asking those questions, a site review can help. A site review is a custom evaluation of your website by an objective third party who can help you turn your site around.

Enterprise Solutions

Intelligent Live Agent with push technology. Trouble shooting and e-support. Net based Interactive Voice Response (with data base connectivity). Enterprise purchase order processing and verification. Outbound promotion campaign with intelligence. E-Commerce solution.

Web Design Expertise

We offer you a wide Spectrum of Web Site Design Services from simple buttons and banners creation to corporate site design/redesign. We have all the latest web technology innovations at our fingertips and possess vast experience boosting us to complete any Web and/or IT project with cosmic speed and quality! We’re using and offering radical website development methodologies, including Rational Unified Process and Microsoft Solution Framework. Persist Media web site designs are carefully planned and developed to reflect each of our clients’ individual image. Our developers are fully educated in the use of advanced web programs and specialize in designing effective, interactive internet websites. We also provide the essential elements that your site must contain in order to be accepted by search engines.

Other Services

Persist Media provides monthly maintenance for all its customers. We have all the necessary expertise as we’ve been doing this for more than 2 years. Trust us and you will be surely satisfied with our professional approach! Persist Media also provides authentic translations with rapid turnaround. We can manage your corporate material in whatever format and deliver the professional translations of the highest quality. Translated and localized web site design services an enormous advantage to any organization seeking to tap the global marketplace. On top of all, you can also order beautiful Holiday E-Cards that our professionals in web graphic design will develop especially for you! Send them to your customers and support your finest corporate image!

e-Marketing Communications Services

Media streaming. Persist Media’s multimedia enterprise solution adds a powerful dimension to broad-based communications. With Persist Media media messenger you can leverage stronger, more memorable impact- rather than sending an announcement via e-mail or posting it on your site. With media streaming, you are essentially “televising” your message and reinforcing your company’s brand. You will also attract a wider audience – people who wouldn’t normally travel to a live event can participate from their desktop

Our superb web design services feature: website development, Flash Design, web graphic design, clean layout, cross-platform functionality, cross-browser compatibility, site maintenance, advertising, mailing list and newsletter services and much more.

For those who are looking for a top quality redesign, we can offer the following: a complete review of your present website, improvement suggestions and full web graphic design and production. With our web technology solutions, you can literally open a window to vast new business opportunities!

View Our Portfolio to see the fine results of our work. Representatives of Persist Media Customer Relationship Department are glad to offer real-time communication in the Live Chat or via e-mail – get an answer to all possible questions and receive professional consulting.

Click here to get an approximate estimation of your project and a safe basis for thorough planning of your budget. Apart from that, all the “Persist Media Design” customers can rely on our advice and assistance. Your complete satisfaction is our ultimate goal.